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Brother F.C. Sowell held two tent meetings years before the Spring Hill church of Christ was established. The seed, which is the word of God (Luke 8:11 ), was sown at that time. Later, a few Christians began to conduct worship services, the first being held on May 1, 1915 . Seventeen people were present for the first service.

The first gospel meeting for the newly formed church was held by Brother E.A. Elam. Brother H.W. Rye held meetings the next two years. The services were held for three years each Sunday afternoon in the Cumberland Presbyterian Church building.


The elders who served at that time were Brothers Lee Prentice, Albert Carpenter and R.L. Hays. The deacons were Jim Goad, J.W. Beasley and J.A.C. Jones. Brother W.L. Green served as treasurer. In the year 1918, the elders bought lots on Depot Street from Brother Charlie Mahon, and the first building owned by Spring Hill church of Christ was erected.


Brother Rye held the first meeting in the new church building. The church had preachers from David Lipscomb College once a month. In those early years of the church's existence, the weekly contributions were often just two or three dollars.


During the first years in the new building there were no classrooms. They divided into different groups in the auditorium. When someone obeyed the gospel they were taken to a little creek not far away to be baptized.

In 1936 the Tennessee Orphan's Home moved to Spring Hill from Columbia . There were a total of forty-eight children under the supervision of Brother S.O. Owens. With those additional people, it was necessary to build three classrooms. With a rather steady increase in number, especially children, the church began to hold classes outside under the trees and put chairs in the aisles.


As time went by the old building was just not large enough to meet the needs for seating, classrooms, etc. In a report made by Brother Ed Smith, he said, "With only six or eight wage earning families in the congregation, there was only one thing to do and that was to make an appeal for support for a new building. The good Lord blessed us abundantly in this effort. We set aside a certain day for a special contribution in our own congregation. With this, and the goodness of many Christians, we now have a nice meeting house on Highway 31 with a seating capacity of four hundred..." In 1964 an annex was completed and this gave the brethren an addition of a fellowship room (which was also used for several classes) and four other classrooms making a total of fifteen classrooms. In 1997, one of the classrooms was converted to a church library with the remaining classrooms further enlarging the fellowship room.


In the mid 2000's the building that was originally used to house the preacher and his family was renovated and converted into a multi-purpose building allowing for larger fellowship gatherings and additional classroom space.


In 2011 the property directly to the North of the current building was purchased and has been utilized for further parking.


In 2015 the fellowship hall was demolished and a new church building started construction. The old building will remain to serve as additional classroom space and fellowship. The church at Spring Hill officially moved into the new building on March 6th 2016. Over 530 people attended the Sunday morning service.


According to available information, it seems that Brother H.W. Rye was the first full-time preacher with this congregation. Others who have served over the years include: Charles Brewer, Thomas J. Wagner, Steve North, Joe K. Alley, Roger Mills, Hillard Storey, Enoch Thweet, A.T. Pate, Rudolph Hunt, Harold Baker, Bert Brown, Harry Anderson, Dean Buchanan, Bobby Williams, David Swanger, Glen Alexander, Jonathan Jones II, Craig Evans, and Scott Ballard who serves as the current preacher, having been here since 2019.


Men who have served as elders are: Lee Prentice, R.L. Hays, Albert Carpenter, Charles Mahon, Brother Blair, Ed Smith, Andy Walker, W.B. Richter, Bill Andrews, Kenneth Maynard, Van Ingram, Kenneth Harris, Lloyd Baxter Sr., Harry Edwards, Johnny Tomlin, Billy Wright, Clyde Farmer, Jimmy Lincoln, David Bell, Royce Guy and Steve Donahoo. Those presently serving are: Phil Bennett, Steve Bowman, Randall Chesnut, Jay Farmer, Jerry McCormick and Ken Hardkson. Serving under the elders at this time as deacons are: Bob Adams, Jon Austin, Jeremy Burleson, Mike Chance, Kevin Cottrell, Joey Greene, Ricky Harris, David Hightower, Jason Herring, Barry Hopkins, Marc Huther, Steve Mahaney, Clint McCain, Matt Miller, Eric Nichols, Sam Ogden, David Plunk, Daniel Samek, Jay Smith, Mike Smith, Matt Tays, Stacey Turner, Scott Workman, and Michael Yuhas. Cheryl Primm served as this congregation's first secretary from March 1990 until the Spring of 2022. Bethany Austin is the current church secretary and started in the role after Cheryl's retirement.


October 2nd, 2022

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