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Spring Hill Church of Christ offers Bible classes for everyone! We offer classes for any age child and we have two class options for adults on Sundays and Wednesday nights. There is also a Ladies’ class that meets only on Wednesday nights. On Tuesday mornings at 10:00 a.m., we offer a Ladies’ Bible Study. Babysitting is provided during this time to allow young mothers to attend. On Monday nights, there is a Men’s Bible Study. During our Sunday and Wednesday night classes, Babies thru 5th grade use a fantastic, Bible-based curriculum called “The Bible Study Guide For All Ages.” This curriculum gives our children a firm grasp of the over-arching story of the Bible from Creation to Revelation. It includes a Timeline activity that helps them learn Biblical events in the order that they occurred as well as an Application activity that encourages them to make good decisions in their everyday life. Middle school and High school classes are taught straight from the Bible by God-fearing men who want our teens to be strong in the Word. Our classes consistently change because of the substantial growth we have had at Spring Hill, but currently, our classes are divided into these age categories:

Cradle Roll: Birth-up to 18 months

2 year olds: 18 months-up to 3 years

3 year olds: 3 years-up to 4 years

4 year olds: 4 years-up to 5 years

5 year olds/Kindergarten

1st Grade

2nd/3rd Grade

4th/5th Grade

6th-8th Grade

9th-12th Grade

2 Adult Classes

Wednesday Night Ladies’ class

Tuesday morning Ladies’ Bible Study

Monday Night Men’s Bible Study


We hope you will make an effort to come to our bible classes!



When We Meet


Bible Classes: 9:00 AM

AM Worship: 10:00 AM

PM Worship: 5:00 PM



Devotional & Bible Study: 7:00 PM



Men's Bible Study: 7:00 PM



Ladies' Bible Class: 10:00 AM

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